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The Plasmocatalytical Technology of the Air Cleaning

Electrical Ecology (Russia)
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PlazKat Aero plant is used to clean air of gaseous organic and non-organic contaminants.

Cleaning is applicable to the following substances:

Organic substances: alcohols, carboxylic acids, ketones, aldehydes, ethers and esters,
aromatic hydrocarbons etc.

Non-organic substances: carbon, nitrogen and sulfur compounds.
Treatment efficiency of the above substances amounts to 85-99% which is supported by measurement reports of independent accredited laboratories.

Equipment operation is based on electrophysical and electrochemical destruction of substances in the plasma catalysis module incorporated into the plant. This module combines plasma chemical and catalytic treatment techniques.

Capacity of PlazKat Aero plants is not limited.

The plants are used in the following industries:
– chemical and petrochemical;
– pharmaceutical;
– production and processing of plastics and polymers;
– paint making;
– printing;
– iron and steel and metal working;
– woodworking;
– food;
– treatment of emissions from motor vehicles and diesel generating sets, and
– smell removal in waste treatment facilities.

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